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Shaykh Ahmed Deedat

Al Quran - A Miracle of Miracles

The Quran is full of amazing miracles.

As God says in the Quran: "And is it not enough for them that We have sent down to thee the Book which is rehearsed to them ? Verily, in it is Mercy and a Reminder to those who beleive." (29:51)

A lecture by Shaykh Ahmed Deedat

Challenge of the Missionaries

Challenge of the Missionaries.

Corruption in Bible or Quran?

Ahmed Deedat answers the question is the Bible the word of God. Later, he refutes claims that the Quran is corrupt. Very good answers

God did not preserve the Bible- why?


How Not To Do Dawah ~

Dawah by AHMED

Is Bible God's Word?

Debate between Ahmed Deedat (rahima oullah) & Jimmy Swaggart

Is Jesus (pbuh) God - Part 3

Is Jesus (pbuh) God - Part 3

A debate between Shaykh Ahmed Deedat and Pastor Stanley Sjoberg

Is Jesus (PBUH) GOD-

Ahmed Deedat shows clearly from The Bible that Jesus PBUH never claimed Divinity himself anywhere in The Bible and never said himself that he is GOD.

Jesus Christ in Christianity and in Islam

Jesus Christ in Christianity and in Islam

By Shaykh Ahmed Deedat

The Life of Shaykh Ahmed Deedat

The life of the famous Islamic propagator Ahmed Deedat is detailed and the organizations he built.

MultiMedia Video

Khalid Yasin - Muslim Identity

Shaykh Khalid Yasin talks about Muslim Identity

Audio CD

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