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Different holidays and what they mean

Session 1: Night of Eid, Eid Virtues and Manners

Has Eid become just a day of eating? Find out the truth and the treasures that the night of Eid really holds. You don't need to to be confused anymore, just watch this video.

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Session 2: Beginning of Muharram or New Year: Ashura and the Wisdom Behind It

How does the Islamic New Year differ from what we're used to? What's the wisdom behind it, what does it mean? And why is Ashura important? Find out why in this session.

More videos at http://www.noorallahproductions.com

Session 3: Isra & Mi'raj - Past, Present, & Future

Take a Journey through space and time, far away from the myth, come discover the truth behind the past, the present, and the future of Isra & Miraj.

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MultiMedia Video

Khalid Yasin - Our Beginning Our End

Shaykh Khalid Yasin provides a beatiful description of the amazing creation of human life - from the embryo in the womb to its astonishing development.
Miraculously, the Glorious Qur'an gives exact details of this opening stage of life, a process that has only just been recently been discovered by scientists. Glory be to Allah - Creator of all that exists in the universe.
Shaykh Khalid Yasin then goes through the stages of human life - until the human finally takes his last breath and entersonce again into the womb - of the earth this time. Shaykh Khalid Yasin depicts the scenario of death and the hereafter and makes clear that every soul will ultimately be judged.

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